Berlin Program

The 2018 Berlin Program can be found here.
Information about Uferstudios and its environs can be found here.
Closest Café: Pförtner Uferstraße 8, Berlin (directly across the street from Uferstudios).



Contact information for students can be found in the Student Directory.


Contact Info

Please make sure that your contact details are up to date or you will miss important communications.  Update your contact info by submitting the Contact Info Change Form on the Contact page here.



1. Your own computer (laptop, tablet etc) for use in your workshop—there is one Transart computer and this will be used for all full-group presentations (faculty and student). 

2. Any adaptor/s your computer requires to connect to projector.

3. A USB thumbdrive with your 30 minute faulty presentation loaded (+ one back up drive). Keynote will be provided. 

4. Any other tools, devices, converters, chargers, etc. you will need to run your workshop.


Readings and diary

Your prescribed readings are required for admittance to courses. They must be complete for each course and posted as a reading diary to each student’s Transart Process Blog 2 days prior to each course. Student blogs are accessible via the Student Directory available here (pw: ti18).


Attendance Requirements

All new students are expected to attend all three weeks of the residency and attend all events marked EXP
Returning students must attend all scheduled events marked EXP.
You are required to attend all courses you have signed up for.


Workshop Evaluations

During the afternoon of the last day of your workshop please set aside ten minutes for students to complete the online Summer Course Evaluation Form which is linked in the Berlin Program on the last day of each the three sessions, and available here. You should leave the room during this time.  


Faculty Presentations

On the first day of each workshop, faculty leading that session’s workshops will make 30 minute presentations of their own work. To complement and reinforce Transart’s ethos of work-in-progress please address your presentation to work in-the-making rather than a summary of recent finished work/s or accomplishment/s beyond referencing it for context.



Meeting times have been set aside most mornings. Use these times to meet with your student advisees (in person or via Skype) and for other kinds of meetings you would like to hold. Please check program to see which studio has been allocated for meetings.



If you haven’t done so please do so now: www.transartinstitute.org/invoice, so you get paid before the break. Any questions about invoices and payment can be directed here: accounting@transart.org


Summer Break

The institute will go on break from August 15 to September 15th.


Berlin information

A list of useful Berlin information including health care can be found here


We are excited to see you all in Berlin!