Transart Institute for Creative Research is excited to announce two exciting new initiatives with an expected start date of January 2018: the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in collaboration with Western Sydney University and a new Doctor of Creative Arts (DCA). In both new programmes your creative work is the research itself, together with a written component that either informs and supports your research or is an integral part of it.

Which one suits your CREATIVE PRACTICE and processes of working? 

The DCA is a partially taught programme where your written research is guided through cumulative stages  in which an exegesis—approximately 15,000 words of critical reflection and/or interpretive analysis of your own practice—will emerge. The PhD is for artists with a specific research project or question/s they want to examine in order to develop their work. Led by your research question/s it is a combination of your praxis and thinking where your writing—a thesis of approximately 40,000 words—actively contributes to the creative work itself, functioning as an integral part of the overall research. Both DCA and PhD programmes culminate in the submission and evaluation of your creative research as a public exhibition/dissemination of new work + thesis/exegesis in a form/format that best articulates and reflects your work and ideas.


Doctoral Program COMPARison CHart


About TraNSART

Transart Institute for Creative Research is a space for experimentation and thinking in any form; for sharing and connecting; and offering practice-led graduate programmes in a low-residency model. We champion self-directed, curious, flexible and socially engaged creative researchers working independently and/or collectively. 

Our border-free model and reputation attract a diverse international body of students and advisors from equally diverse artistic and academic contexts and geographic locations as part of a global, trans-disciplinary research community; creating opportunities to expand, enhance and sustain individual and collective practices in the world, beyond the walls of the academy.

We support research in: new narratives, international diaspora, post-nationalism and post-colonialism; exile; the role of art in peace and mediation; home; space(s) in between; temporary architecture; ecologies of learning; otherness and the uncanny.

The independent Transart Institute was founded and is operated entirely by artists since 2004. Transart is a member of the ELSE Foundation consortium of global creative researchers.


The low-residency Master of Fine Arts and current Doctor of Philosophy programs are accredited through the School of Art, Design and Architecture, Plymouth University, United Kingdom. The new Doctor of Philosophy program is accredited through the Western Sydney University. The New Narratives Doctor of Creative Arts' accreditation will be announced in 2018.