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Director: Cella, MFA email
MFA Program Manager: Susie Quillinan, MFA email 
PhD Program Manager (Acting): Michael Bowdidge, PhD email
Photography: Aleks Slota, MFA site
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TT/PU MFA+PhD Programs Advisory Board

Jean Marie Casbarian, MFA (Faculty)
Elena Marcevska, PhD (Faculty)
Allison Geremia, PhD cand. (TT Alumna)
Ira Hoffecker, MFA, (TT Alumna)

Transart INSTITUTE Co-Founders

Klaus P. Knoll, PhD (1956-2014)
Cella, MFA


DCA + PhD Creative Research: Western Sydney University, AU (in progress)
MFA + PhD Creative Practice: Plymouth University, UK (partnership expired)
MFA Donau University Krems, EU (partnership expired)


Plymouth University: site 
Western Sydney University: site
Donau University Krems: email
Note: Scanned passport required. Must be sent directly to student.
Data protection laws prohibits transfer of data to third


Degree recognition service in the U.S.
Educational Credential Evaluators
(TT recommended)

Contact for Credential Evaluators:
Brigitte Müllauer, MSc
Leiterin- Dle StudienServiceCenter
Donau-Universität Krems -Universität für Weiterbildung 
Abteilung für Studienmanagement
Dr. Karl Dorrek- Strasse 30
A-3500 Krems an der Donau
Tel +43 2732 893 2281
Fax +43 2732 893 4280


EU: 27/612/05360
US: 87-2772563