Exhibition: Transart Alumnus José Drummond's work included in Description of the Absence

José Drummond's video installation KISS ME, AND YOU WILL SEE HOW IMPORTANT I AM included in DESCRIPTION OF THE ABSENCE, in South Korea.

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DESCRIPTION OF THE ABSENCE - IAa International Inter-media Art Project 2018, directed by Lee Tal and curated by Kim Yu Min and co-curated by Andrew Lam and Kim Han Byul will open June 11 at IAa Art Space in Jeju-do Island, South Korea. 
DESCRIPTION OF THE ABSENCE includes the works of Kay Mei Ling Beadman, José Drummond, Andy Tam, Grzegorz Kiaman, Sarah Oh Mock, C-Realtime, Anko Lesniak, Genco Guland, Liu Yang, Djibril Sy.

“Disappearance is a one-way solution for appearance and confrontation, escape and survival. The project unfolds the understated realms hidden in our attic identities and it opens up off-recorded imaginations and possibilities. Absence, in reality, will not be punished; it can be narrated, discoursed and co-existing with its partnered otherness. The melting solid is the void…" (Andrew Lam)

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KISS ME, AND YOU WILL SEE HOW IMPORTANT I AM portrays a disjointed and brief encounter between two persons - an encounter where the illusory loss of balance reveals a promise and a deceiving melancholy. The fated meeting failure points to the idea that beauty can also be expressed as both cruel and painful. The absurdity of the imaginable reunion of these two characters leaves the spectator momentarily rocked on a beach cradle and being caught amidst the labyrinth of love. The bewildering defeat grows slowly with the notion that we are the ones that create our own personal catastrophes. The expressionless of the promise is finally exposed when the replacement of the soft sound of Buddhist bells by the sound of sea waves leaves nothing more than a suddenly inexplicable void. 

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José Drummond is an artist living in Macau and Shanghai. he is the director of VAFA, international video art festival in Macau. He holds an MFA in Creative Practice from Transart Institute in New York (USA) and University of Plymouth (UK). He exhibited in Macau, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Hungary and the USA. He works with Film/Video, Photography, Installation, Performance, Painting, and Sculpture.His work deals with the in-between space, displacement, transience, and existence. 

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