Performance “Insepulta - Instrucciones para una autopsia" by Transart Alumna Mariana Rocha


Insepulta - Instructions for an autopsy is a poem of three voices that, through the disjunction and the edition of memories, brings a state of vulnerability characteristic of the one who is always about to die.
The flesh’s fear to rot brings putrefaction as a key element of writing and the corpse as a double in an Orphic ritual of mourning where the problem of death is posed as a problem of language, of solitude, of thought and it is transferred into a reflection on the self.
A meditatio mortis or an autopsy, a self-view for one still living. A reflection on the mortal matter of our bodies and on the way in which we try to understand our own annihilation. 
In the infinite time of dying, all possibilities become impossible, and the subject remains passive and impotent.

With the participation of Itxaso Corral and Alba Rihe.
With the collaboration of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia and Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona - MACBA

Transart Institute