There are recommended and required readings with a 200 page maximum for seminars and 100 for workshops for the required readings. A substantial part of these readings will be online, often as pdf documents. You will find these readings in the course syllabi. We advise you to commence this journey as early as possible (once you’ve signed up for your courses).

Briefly explain your understanding of the text(s), what problems they address, which questions they answer (and how) and which ones are left open. As time is very condensed in the residency this process will help you clarify your ideas and understanding of the material and gives your teachers an advance sense of what their group will be like. Your questions will alert them to areas of concern and special interest.

New students, please keep in mind that although you are not officially a student in the program until the residency we give you readings and assignments in advance so that you will get the most out of the residency. You don’t need to paraphrase what you read just confirm your understanding and what questions you have towards the material, this should be possible in 500 to 1500 cumulative words unless specified otherwise by your faculty.

Upload your diary to your Transart blog by July 15 so that your summer course instructors have time to review and to get a sense of your interests and any areas of confusion. Faculty will respond to your diaries in different ways. Some prefer to respond to students individually, others will respond to the group either in the course forum or seminar.

When posting in your blog please use the following title formula: READING DIARY: Name of Workshop (Teacher Last Name)

NOTE: Reading Diaries must be complete and uploaded by the due date or you will be de-registered from the respective workshop/s or seminar/s.