Transart Alumni Aurora Del Rio and Alvin McIntyre in Project Anywhere Exhibition

Globe Gallery 2019
Opening weekend
Friday 16th August from 6pm - Sunday 18th August 6pm.

Their project Signifiers, part of the Project anywhere exhibition program, will be shown during this event.

“Ritual, whether secular or sacred binds groups together, ensuring their harmonious functioning by generating and maintaining orders of meaning, purpose and value”

(Barry Stephenson)

For the 7th Edition this year we welcome you to this site-specific exhibition & interactive performance.

Globe Gallery is an alternative gallery and residency in the middle of a derelict hospital, Heilstätte Grabowsee, 30km North of Berlin.
Curated by Sonja Teszler, Yan Gi Cheng, Laure Boer & Ferdinand Kumpfmüller. Organised by Philip Schrader & Alice Morey.

You are invited to stay for the weekend, we share all responsibilities of cooking, cleaning and taking care of the site and ask for a donation for the food.
Please bring all camping equipment with you and look after the environment by leaving no trace.

You will receive more information & a map when you enter the site with a program of the performances and details of the exhibition.

Best way to get to the site is with S1 to Oranienburg or the regional from Ostkreuz or Gesundbrunnen check ( for details, then 804 bus from the station to stop Grabowsee Fahre, alternatively it is a great cycle from the station :)

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