"PechaKucha Quartet: Art Experiments by Educators” at CAA NYC


Transart Institute is excited to invite you to:

CAA 107th Annual Conference in New York City
Thursday, February 14, 5:30-7:00PM

1335 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019 
Holland Suite, 4th Floor, Hilton New York Midtown Hotel

Come hear four fantastic short talks by featured alumni of the Transart Institute, a global transdisciplinary art and research community. Artist/professor speakers include Fulbright Fellow Miriam Schaer, Decorative Arts Historian Allison Geremia, Else Foundation and ECOCA Cofounder Jeanne Criscola, and featured TED speaker Virgil Wong.

5:30  Reading Color: Type In and On Color with Jeanne Criscola
While we learn about color experientially from birth, later we are taught its properties with abbreviated diagrams in the shape of a pie or the form of a rainbow. Similar types of examples are used to teach students of communication design the rules and guidelines associated with typography. Sometimes these examples go further than simple black letterforms on a white background and employ color to the letters and the ground to illustrate effects color has in type. But in actuality these methods, devoid of a situational context, fall short of their intention to inform how the myriad configurations of type in sizes and styles—and the infinite spectrums of color—visually interact. This presentation is a prequel to my book about the synergistic intricacies of typography and color and means to integrate their pedagogy.

5:45  Practice-based Research in the Context of Craft with Allison Geremia
While ‘craft’ is generally pushed into a terminal degree at the MFA status, a PhD program facilitates the necessity for further study. Throughout my course of study in contemporary narrative jewelry, it has become clear that practice is an element that is both natural and mandatory for the continued understanding of its context. As a historian and a maker, I have looked at the jewelry medium throughout many lenses and I find that my personal understanding has informed my dissertation. I have been allowed to activate my practice through inquiry.  

6:00  Books of Memory with Miriam Schaer
“Life is all memory,” Tennessee Williams wrote, and memory, he might well have added, nurtures the artistic process — memories, in my case, of the struggle to accept my infertility, and of a fragile collaboration with my mother, a former maternity nurse, as she slipped into dementia before passing away at 90. They led me to create a multidisciplinary body of work which includes portfolio of photographs, a series of layered prints using some of her garments, and two limited-edition books exploring our intertwined lives. Using pages from her final notebook, filled with the incoherence of a gone mind, is the starting point for my newest work, reminiscences printed and partly embroidered on translucent silk.

6:15  Inter-corporeal Time Travel: Pregnant Men, Avatars, and Reincarnation with Virgil Wong
A Lazarus Syndrome patient awoke from death and told her doctors that all time occurs at once. "Upon the breath that is our last," she said, "We are reborn as another person – present, future, or past. So everyone, he and she, that's walked (or will walk this earth) is inside of you and inside of me. And every possible you and every possible me. Our purpose in life then, our meaning, is to see inside ourselves, in each other, the lives of every other human being. In this talk, artist and health technologist Virgil Wong describes how drawing cadavers, creating VR avatars, visualizing people's pain with symptom data maps, and designing science fiction medical technologies has led to a speculative narrative on how all life and death in the universe are interconnected.

6:30 - 7:30 RECEPTION

More Info: https://www.transartinstitute.org/pechakucha-quartet

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