Transart Advisor Laura Gonzales performing in Warmed Air - Edinburgh Art Festival

Warmed Air  

10th August 2018. 12 noon and 3pm.

Warmed Air is a site-specific performance within the Anatomy Department of Edinburgh University. Performing with and for cadaveric specimens within the Anatomical Museum, the work explores levels of perceiving and experiencing the body, from the tangible sensations of one’s own body and the memories that form the stories of our bodies, to the relationships our bodies have with those of others, both alive and dead. The work also explores the body’s relation to sun, with which we share some physical processes.

The project is an interdisciplinary collaboration devised by Laura Gonzalez, Laura Bradshaw, Paul Michael Henry and Steven Anderson with Ruth Pollitt and John Clark. The performance is part of the Edinburgh Art Festival pop up events programme.
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