Transart Alumnus José Drummond at ART IN THE CITY 2018 in Zhuhai

The Portuguese artist José Drummond has been included in the Art In The City week in Zhuhai - an exhibition that brings together more than 30 artists from the region of Guangdong. The exhibition is open until the 10 of July.


I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU BY THE LAKE TO SET ME FREE is a new site-specific installation made with discarded construction materials found around the area of the exhibition. 

This installation uses the view from a big door inside a warehouse as a starting point. A traditional Chinese landscape with a mountain and bamboos can be seen outside the door. This bucolic view receives a man-made mirror lake with the final view being framed by bars. The choice of materials, the careful placement of the mirrors using the door frames and the mirror frames suggesting something controlled and the dust and water drawing contribute to reflect on orientalism, intimacy, transience, social-politics, and ecology. 


"José considers nuances of contemporary cultural identities, moving from his own experience. There is no longer the place of the “I” and that of the “other”, but rather a tertiary space where in-between identities float; places of connection, where the boundary between the known and the unknown becomes subtle. Drummond has no desire to represent or reproduce, but rather, to immerse himself in a context familiar to him and to open himself up to other forms of knowledge.” Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio


José Drummond is an artist living in Macau and Shanghai. He is the director of VAFA, international video art festival in Macau. He holds an MFA in Creative Practice from Transart Institute in New York (USA) and University of Plymouth (UK). He exhibited in Macau, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Hungary and USA. He works mainly with Film/Video, Photography, Installation, Performance, Painting and Objects.

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