The Present Condition | Albert Merino - curated by Transart faculty and advisor Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio


The Present Condition | Albert Merino
Exhibition curated by Transart faculty and advisor Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio.
Opening: November 21st, 7.30pm
Espai Souvenir, Barcelona.
21 Nov 2018 – 6 Dec 2018

Everything can happen in a journey, including the chimerical encounter between impossible geographies. The landscapes of "The Present Condition" derive from a journey of more than 15,000 km by land that the artist carried out by connecting the two geographical extremes of the South American continent. A surreal atmosphere, where real and imaginary spaces intersect, impregnates the video. Human intimacy, desire, work, the savage capitalism that builds cathedrals in the desert, the perverse bureaucracy and the construction of the border are some of the different elements and concepts that are mixed in a striking and suggestive visual mosaic.

What is a territory? What constitutes a border area? What are its limits? How are they built and to what wills are they subjected?

Merino's video gives us a sense of estrangement –a series of apparently complex and remote questions– but at the same time it conveys the perception of being active participants in a collective and hallucinogenic journey towards the unknown.

Transart Institute