Transartist Fawn Krieger in Solo Exhibition - Soft Power


Soft Power
Fawn Krieger 
Assembly Room
191 Henry Street (Lower East Side), NY NY
September 14 - October 14, 2018
Wed-Sun, noon-6pm

SOFT POWER debuts Krieger’s newest body of work, Experiments in Resistance, begun following the U.S. Presidential inauguration of Donald J. Trump. In this series of sculptures, the artist presses fired clay slabs into ceramic troughs containing wet and dyed cement. The clay, underglazed in matte atomic era colors, is pressed at various depths and at different times in the cement’s drying time, enabling the artist to study a vocabulary of haptic pressure as well as the displacement caused from a soft collision between material bodies. Krieger’s Experiments explore the possibilities of a concrete archive of resistance, refusal, and displacement as it emerges from the body, and before it becomes connected to language, thoughts, belief systems, and conflict.

Transart Institute