"State of Affairs: The End of Reason" Performance by Transartist Angeliki Avgitidou


November 11 - December 1, 2017

Die Beginen Frauenkulturverein Die Beginen e.V.

Heiligengeisthof 3

18055 Rostock

Angeliki Avgitidou is participating in the performance festival against sexism carried out in Rostock, Germany (http://www.die-beginen-rostock.de/aktuelles/)  with her durational piece State of Affairs: The end of reason (11.10). In this second performance of the ‘State of Affairs’ the artist comments on the state of imposed continuous crisis, the subject’s feeling of helplessness and the failure of Enlightenment to provide meaning. The subject’s lack of praxis is in constant contrast with the precariousness of her situation.