Critique Group MFA 2019-2020

Google Document:

Agreement for our group:
We should develop an agreed framework, rules or manifesto for what we want this group to be and achieve.


  • Add a range 1 (very sensitive) – 10 (rock solid) from where you are at emotionally at the top of your submission to give group a green light for how much criticality you are emotionally ready for.

  • Send a reminder on the day you have posted your work on Google docs for feedback.

  • Clear set of questions for observation

    • This is what I’m seeing

    • This is what I understand/this is how it makes me feel

    • I think I feel this way because/what are my own subjectivities

    • In conjunction with my own subjectivity they are connected to these theories or these other bodies of work/artists

    • Explain the why

  • Mindful of use of language

  • Mindful use of time, continuous of other people's time and voice

  • Come from a critical place with good intention

  • Permission to say what you need

  • The more specific you are the more feedback you get

  • Its ok to be critical

  • Ask a question or series of questions (this helps you get out of a personal reaction) – Turn your reaction into a question

  • Critique as proposition – This doesn’t work for me – Why it doesn’t work for me – How it will work for me


Please add or make any changes.
If no changes are made by 1st September then we have all agreed to follow these agreements and support each other.




Sarah Jane (Advisors: Michael Bowdidge & Susanne Martin)

  • Sharing info on: Wednesday 18th September

  • Written Feedback by: Saturday 21st September

  • Group Skype Meeting: Sunday 22nd September


Peter (Advisors:  Michael Bowdidge & David Antonio Cruz)

  • Sharing info on: Wednesday 9th October

  • Written Feedback by: Saturday 12th October

  • Group Skype Meeting: Sunday 13th October


Sheila (Advisors: Michael Bowdidge & Susanne Martin)

  • Sharing info on: Wednesday 30th October

  • Written Feedback by: Saturday 2nd November

  • Group Skype Meeting:  Sunday 3rd November


Rudi (Advisors: Michael Bowdidge & Sean Clute)

  • Sharing info on: Wednesday 20th November

  • Written Feedback by: Saturday 30th November

  • Group Skype Meeting: Sunday 1st December


Syowia (Advisors: Elena Marcevska & Nicolás Dumit Estévez Raful Espejo)

  • Sharing info on: Wednesday 11th December

  • Written Feedback by: Saturday 14th December

  • Group Skype Meeting: Sunday 15th December