george angelovski, cockroach kinematics, feB 2018 unique staBilo point 88 fine.04 red marker and kumkuma on gampi sukiawase pure white 100 gsm paper 11.4”/21.5”  (29 x 54.5 cm) singapore, singapore

george angelovski, cockroach kinematics, feB 2018
unique staBilo point 88 fine.04 red marker and kumkuma on gampi sukiawase pure white 100 gsm paper
11.4”/21.5”  (29 x 54.5 cm)
singapore, singapore


Transart Institute MFA student self-curated exhibition and CONVERSATIONS 2018

6:30 PM, SATURDAY, 4 AUGUST 2018


Rapid change creates an instinctive need for us to put up walls – walls of separation between us and others, walls between our internal and external selves, walls between nations. The artists of Co-a-lism are motivated to go beyond walls and borders, both external and internal, to explore intersections and overlaps- coalescence- believing in the on-going importance of human connection across boundaries. Co-a-lism presents ten artists from seven countries, who employ a wide variety of media to merge divergent viewpoints, materials, and backgrounds. The exhibition challenges the artists' ability to resolve individual artistic explorations while at the same time seeks to offer moments of coalescence.

SCHEDULE of events

CONVERSATIONS: 20 min. per Artist + 15 min. Q+A + 5 min. discussions

10:30 - 11:30
CONVERSATION 1: Correspondence(s): pastpresentfuture
Rachel Epp Buller + Derek Owens

12:00 - 1:00
CONVERSATION 2: Process and Memory
Ira Hoffecker-Sattler + Malvina Sammarone

2:30 - 3:30
CONVERSATION 3: conversation/interview
Julia Olson + Ayesha Durrani

4:00 - 5:20
CONVERSATION 4: Body and Light
Louis Laberge-Cote + George Angelovski + Jo Michelle Piper

"Let's discuss it" Jay Sullivan


Elena Marchevska



10:30 - 11:30


Rachel Epp Buller is a feminist printmaker book artist art historian and mother of three. Much of her artistic, written, and curatorial work addresses the maternal body and feminist care in contemporary art contexts. She exhibits and speaks about her work internationally, including at Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice / Ryerson University, Toronto / Universität der angewandte Kunst, Vienna / Museum of Motherhood, New York / Das Verborgene Museum, Berlin / m/other voices, Rotterdam / South Bank University, London / Mission Grafica, San Francisco / Casa Maauad, Mexico City / Astrid Noacks Atelier, Copenhagen. She is a board member of the National Women’s Caucus for Art (US) and a regional coordinator of the international Feminist Art Project.  |


Dr. Derek Owens is a professor of English and Director of the Writing Center at St. John's University. He is the author of several books on composition theory and another of experimental family biography/memoir. Information on his art, writing, and teaching can be found at

12:00 - 1:00
Ira Hoffecker-Sattler + Malvina SAMMARONE


Ira Hoffecker is a German-Canadian artist who has resided and maintained her art practice in Victoria, Canada since 2004. Her video Meanwhile in La La Land was nominated for Best Documentary at the Back in the Box Film Festival in Los Angeles in 2017 and chosen for the Official Selection of the Manchester Film Festival in 2018.  Ira’s work has been exhibited in solo, duo and group exhibitions in England, Canada and Germany. Her most recent exhibitions include five solo exhibitions in Abingdon/Oxford, England, in Berlin and Hof, Germany, and in Vancouver and Edmonton, Canada. Ira also participated in duo exhibitions in London, England and in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany in 2016. Also, Ira was one of 20 UK graduates whose work was shortlisted for the Graduate Art Prize 2015 in London. She won the first prize in the juried ‘Abstract Show 2015’ in Vancouver with her painting Alexanderplatz VIII. Her Camp Moschendorf II painting was shortlisted for the John Moore Painting Prize 2016 and was exhibited at the 2016 Liverpool Biennial.  She is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Ira achieved a Diploma of Fine Arts (2013) and a First Class B.A. (Honours) in Fine Art from the University of Gloucestershire, England in 2015. Ira will achieve her MFA degree from Transart Institute accredited through Plymouth University in August 2018.  |


Malvina Sammarone is a visual artist and independent researcher, where time, duration, randomness, repetition, always permeate her works. Her practice encompasses drawing, photography, vídeo and texts.She graduated in Architecture  and Industrial Design at Universidade Mackenzie in São Paulo, Brasil. In 1997 she received her MA in Arts from New York University and in 2001 Master in Communication and Semiotics, at PUC, São Paulo, Brasil. Since the early 80s attends art courses and photography, artists workshops and study and orientation groups. She is currently researching Process and Chance in the Transart Institute MFA program. Individual and collective exhibitions include: Programa Exposições MARP-Ribeirão Preto – 2011, XI Bienal do Recôncavo, São Félix, Bahia - 2012, Verso, SESC Pinheiros-SP - 2013, Ressonâncias| Resonances – Kunstlerresidenz  Brasil-Berlim,  at KunstBethanien – Berlim – 2013. And more recently 2016, Abre Alas 12, at Galeria A Gentil Carioca, Rio de Janeiro, Action_Drawings at MASC, Florianópolis, Brasil and Estou cá : Sempre algo entre nós at SESC Belenzinho – SP.  |

2:30 - 3:30
Julia OLSON + Ayesha DURRANI


Julia Olson is a visual artist with a 30-year career as an internationally published fashion illustrator under the name Julie Johnson. After moving to the Middle East, she began pursing an MFA to expand her creative practice. In addition to her work as a visual artist, she’s a professor of Fashion Design at an all-women university in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Her current body of work is inspired by time spent in Saudi Arabia, Greece, Morocco, and Oman and explores embodiment and place through paintings, drawings, photography, and performative portraiture..


Ayesha Durrani is a Contemporary  Miniature Painter. She has a strong feminist voice and she speaks about social injustices and cultural pressures faced by women, through the lyrical and aesthetic language of Miniature Painting. Her work deals with the dilemma of the Pakistani woman suspended between culture and traditional values and the demands of the modern world, trying to find her place. Female identity is one of the main issues that she addresses in her work. She also tackles the subject of the female body image and the way women are perceived by society at large.  She has participated in more than 42 exhibitions worldwide including four solo exhibitions in New York, Karachi and Lahore. International shows include the United States, Morocco, India, France, England, Dubai, Oman, Japan, Jordan and Thailand. Her work is on permanent display at the Fakuka Asisian Art Museum Japan, Foreign Office Islamabad and countless eminent private collections. Ayesha’s residencies include, The Vermont Studio Centre, USA, Krabi Thailand and Vasl  Karachi. Ayesha Durrani is a Professor at the National College of Arts (NCA). She lives and works in Rawalpindi.  |

4:00 - 5:00
Louis Laberge-Cote + George ANGELOVSKI + Jo Michelle PiPER


Louis Laberge-Côté is a Toronto-based dancer, choreographer, teacher, and rehearsal director. An acclaimed performer, he has danced nationally and internationally with over 20 companies and has been a full-time member of Toronto Dance Theatre (1999-2007) and the Kevin O’Day Ballett Nationaltheater Mannheim (2009-2011). He has created over 80 choreographic works, which have been presented and commissioned in Canada and abroad. His work has garnered him a Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Choreography, as well as eight other individual and ensemble nominations for Performance or Choreography. He has received several grants from all three levels of government, the Chalmers Foundation, the Metcalf Foundation, the Laidlaw Foundation, and the Dancer Transition Resource Centre. A sought-after pedagogue, he has taught classes and workshops all across Canada and is currently on the part-time faculty at Ryerson University.  |  https://Louis-labergecote.squarespace


“the discovery of a universe came next—you discerned and wove together constellations of content (themes) and form (practices) to make a world. it is a gritty, visceral world, and it’s lovely in all ways– it speaks of complete cycles of organic life: collecting and retaining transformed to expulsion, death and mourning transformed to reBirth.” — Lisa jarnot

george angelovski’s “try-works” consider the true nature of lens-Based arts through writing, drawing, sculpture and performance. his dedication to discover new material and mix media, integrate as personal exorcisms that rests somewhere in strange figurations expressing identity, controversial suBject matters of the sitter and magical wanderings, sensitively drawing from research for the creating an to making. he earned his mfa with concentration in photography from transart institute for creative research (2018) and has a B.des graphic design from swinBurne university (1999). this attitude and slippery ideas is for now, rendering in singapore.    |


Looking through the lens of scientific experimentation, I am influenced by the many  “past lives” I have experienced.  After a colourful history of several reinterpretations, all “lives” are now evident in the ideas and work I create. History creates the future. I am a media fluid maker of spaces. I currently focus on immersive environments as a psychological investigation into the way we respond to our surroundings. I enjoy telling visual stories rather than using words. Words and I aren’t really friends. We have never been. I love words when they come from someone else. I prefer my words to stay quiet while I tell you my stories visually.  |

Co-Directed Conversations


Jay creates photographic and video art. His work falls at the intersection of memory, psychology and creative process. He intentionally chooses subjects that challenge his emotional and psychological boundaries.  He seeks to understand a limiting emotional or psychological barrier within himself and then create an artistic process that helps him go beyond those limitations. The creative process and its resulting effect upon the artist are the core of his work.



Dr Elena Marchevska is a practitioner, academic and researcher interested in new historical discontinuities that have emerged in post-capitalist and post-socialist transition. She is researching and writing extensively on the issues of belonging, the female body, the border and intergenerational trauma. Her artistic work explores borders and stories that emerge from living in transition. Ultimately, she is interested in creating and researching work that provides the means by which people can meet, human to human, in all their differences, in the most sensitive and sincere way possible. In 2016, she was a researcher in residence at Live Art Development Agency's Study Room in Hackney Wick, London, exploring Live Art practices and methodologies in relation to the experiences of the displaced. Dr Marchevska is a Research Lead for the Division of Arts and Performance, and she sits on the School of Arts and Creative Industries Research Committee at London South Bank University.  |