Student Support

If you aren’t able to resolve an issue directly or with the help of an advisor, faculty or staff member:

Transart Collegium Meetings
Transart Collegium Meetings—made up of student representatives (MFA and PhD) and Transart faculty and staff representatives—are an internal Transart-only forum in which any issues that arise are brought forward for resolution. There is a collegium meeting at each residency and additional collegium meetings can be called (held via Skype) at any time between residencies when Transart is in session. For both issues and ideas, request your student, faculty or staff rep add an agenda item to the next collegium meeting, or between residencies to call a collegium meeting by Skype.* If you are a rep and have an issue personally, you will request another rep to represent you.

All agenda are due from reps to all collegium members, 48 hours in advance. If you have an issue you will state your issue; goal; and desired outcome in writing 48 hours in advance of a meeting. Only agenda items submitted on time can be reviewed. Another meeting may be called for new items at any time at a residency or by Skype.

Meeting chair and minute taker may rotate by rep request

Minutes and outcome reports will be sent by email to all current students, faculty, instructors, or advisors, and staff via weblink expiring within 2 weeks (when in session). All minutes will be filed in the Transart Cloud and are accessible via the School Manager at any time the institute is in session. Minutes and Outcome Reports are filed and stored in the Transart Cloud.

Responses to issues raised in one meeting will be reported via Outcome Report in the following meeting.

New reps may be elected at any time if necessary but preferably at the beginning of Fall semester. Elections take place via Jotform ballot. It is possible to elect oneself. Results will be approved via Advisory Board and announced by the School Manager. Reps are listed in the relevant school directory.


* Everyone is invited to participate by Skype or via rep.