Leah Decter

Leah Decter is a Winnipeg based inter-media artist whose work includes video, digital media, installation, textiles, performance, critical collaboration, social practice and writing. Decter’s investigations of contested spaces utilize social-spatial interventions, critical deployment of personal and historical narratives, embodied insertions into land and land/scape, and manipulation of iconic elements of nationalist visual culture. Much of this work considers histories and contemporary conditions of settler colonialism in Canada and transnationally through a critical settler lens, and renders decolonizing counter-narratives to dominant nationalist mythologies.

Decter work has exhibited and screened widely in Canada and internationally in the US, UK, Australia and Germany, India, Malta and the Netherlands. Her social practice has included large-scale pubic art and collaborative activist intervention projects across Canada. Her recent writing has been published in Reconcile This! and Fuse Magazine’s Decolonizing Aesthetics issue. Decter holds an MFA in New Media from Transart Institute, and is currently undertaking a PhD in Cultural Studies at Queens University.

Decter’s work has been supported through numerous awards and is held in the collection of the Winnipeg Art Gallery as well as private collections in Canada, US and UK.  Decter’s engaged practices have included large-scale collaborative public art and intervention projects in Vancouver, Toronto and Winnipeg. She holds an MFA in New Media from Berlin-based Transart Institute where she is currently supervising graduate students. Her current projects consider trace and agency in contested urban public space through intensive social-spatial investigations, and enact interventions into reductive national narratives though theoretical, digital, material and dialogic explorations.

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ti 1, PhD, DCA, MFA1Transart Institute