with Anna Gibbs


This workshop for PhD and DCA students explores the epistemological and philosophical aspects - and the creative possibilities - of the dissertation component of your doctoral work.

Focusing on activating the relationship between creative and critical components of the doctorate we consider ways of moving between the critical and the creative, ways of making the creative critical, and above all, ways of making the critical creative.

Here we understand poetics as at once a theory of practice and a practice of theory, enabling a feedback between creative absorption and critical reflection to generate new knowledge about both the process of making and what is made. It is a form of research-creation in its own right rather than simply something that comes after a research which takes place elsewhere (whether in the studio, the archive or the field).


Course Goals


- To assist in developing a poetics for thesis writing
- To explore new genres in research writing
- To explore creative possibilities for thesis-writing


Detailed Content

For 2018, content for this small workshop will be organised around students' particular topics and needs but will systematically address the course aims.


Required Reading

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(Available at


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Course Materials/Tools

Bring laptops or notebook and pen.

Bring photocopies or print outs of three academic journal articles or book chapters relevant to their work, a pair of scissors or scalpel and a glue stick and paper to the second workshop.