TT PhD/DCA advisor GUIDE



Candidates have two advisors and consultants as needed by semester. The Principal Advisor is a member of Transart faculty and the Co-Advisor comes from Western Sydney University (WSU). The Transart Principal Advisor role can optionally be a two person split role with responsibilities agreed upon between the Co-Principal Advisors and communicated via agreement form to the Institute, Candidate and Co-advisor. 


TT ADVISOR Responsibilities

• give rigorous critique, academic support and advisement to candidate
• share knowledge, experience in the area of the candidate’s research and intention(s)
• advise on methodologies, investigative and analytical techniques
• ensure candidate is aware of expectations and standards
• introduce candidate to exhibitions, publications, professional bodies, contacts and sources in the related field(s)
• involve candidate in the activities of a research group, exhibition/dissemination opportunities, workshops and conferences
• oversee the design and progress of candidate’s research and provide academic advice
• participate in candidate presentations and full advisory meetings (via Skype)
• keep records of advisory meetings
• assist with project structure, timeline and milestones according to Calendar and WSU regulations
• advise on Transart and WSU regulations and deadlines
• determine with candidate an appropriate form of final assessment preparation
• ensure candidate is aware of how to protect intellectual property and copyrights
• verify completion of annual monitoring reports (by student and advisory) as required
• identify appropriate final assessment team
• support final Transart public presentation and dissemination of practice


TT Principal Advisor/s

• provide leadership of the advisory team and support candidate on a regular basis
• be pro-active regarding the Academic Calendar
• maintain regular contact and co-ordinate meetings with other advisor(s) as required
• report progress to Transart Director (Cella) and WSU HDR Director (Matt McGuire) as required




PRINCIPAL advisor/s

4 hours work per month – 2 preparation/reading, plus 1 hour involved in a skype session with the student and 1 hour with their Co-Advisor.


3 hours work per month – 2 hours preparation/reading, plus 1 hour involved in a skype session with the student and their Principal Supervisor.
No advisements during TT break from 1/15 - 2/15 + 8/15 - 9/15


Calendars differ for each institution. Students and advisors are not expected to work on TT breaks. Advisor and candidate meetings should not be scheduled during WSU breaks unless acceptable to WSU Co-Advisor. It is important for students to pace themselves, work independently and for everyone to take breaks.

TT 2018-19 BREAKS: 1/15-2/15  +  8/15-9/15

WSU QUARTERLY SESSIONS: Q1 1/8-3/25; Q2 4/2-6/17; Q3 6/25-9/9; Q4 9/17-12/2
WSU BREAKS: 12/2-1/8; 3/25-4/2; 6/17-6/25; 9/9-9/17



You will receive an Apple contact folder at the commencement of each session with updated contact info for all advisors and students. Update your contact info anytime here.
TT contact info can be found here.